Naan bread edit

Makes 6 naan pieces. Easy. Made with pantry ingredients.



  1. Bloom yeast in warm water with sugar for ~15 minutes
  2. In a small pan warm up the butter and cook the garlic for a few minutes, reserve into a container for later
  3. Combine yogurt, flour, salt, yeast/water mixture, and 1 tbs of strained garlic butter until a shaggy dough is formed
  4. Knead shaggy dough for 4-5 minutes until the dough springs back lightly to the touch
  5. Grease bowl with some strained garlic butter and allow dough to rise for 1-2 hours. Once it has doubled in size, punch it down and shape it into a rectangle.
  6. Cut the rectangle into 6 equal pieces, roll them into balls and cover them with plastic wrap for 15-20 minutes to proof the dough
  7. Roll out each ball into a long naan shape (some flour dusting may be required)
  8. Cook the naan for a few minutes on each site on a dry and searing hot cast iron skillet
  9. Brush the naan with the remaining garlic butter


It is best to use natural yogurt, but sweetened vanilla yogurt can work in a pinch. The naan tastes great made in a wooden oven or finished on a bbq. Recipie from foodwishes youtube channel.