Chicken Club edit

The Lazy Scholar’s “Spicy Chicken Club”, reverse engineered by Club Club in 2017.



  1. Put the bacon in a pan on medium-low heat
  2. Filet the chicken breasts thinnly, preparing ~2 per Club
  3. Throw the chicken on a hot pan and cover
  4. Cut a couple of thin tomato slices, and break-off a few pieces of lettuce
  5. Thickly mayo both buns and, on a diffrent pan (or you can try re-using a pan if one has become availible), fry the buns on medium heat
  6. Flip the chicken over (once it is cooked on that side) and cover it in Frank’s—put the lid back on because it will start smoking a ton
  7. Get a slice of the cheese and place on top of the chicken, put the lid back on
  8. Once the mayo-ed buns are looking golden brown, take them off the pan and place them on the plate
  9. Construct the club, from the bottom-up: chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato


Don’t try to be fancy. Any “improvment” to the ingredients will be a downgrade in overall quality of the final result. If need-be, replace the processed cheese with just regular cheddar.