Roasted cauliflower gratin edit

This is basically just mac&cheese but with cauliflower!



cauliflower (and whichever other veg)

mornay sauce (just follow the same steps for making a mornay sauce, follow this if needed:)


breadcrumb mixture



This also good if you add turnips, rutabaga, broccoli, peas (just adjust roasting time based on the vegetable you’re using)! Also, most of the spices and amounts of breadcrumbs/shallots is completely based on preference, so add/remove as you wish. This can get pretty heavy so you could have larger ratio of vegetables to cheese! would probably also be good if you replaced the veggies with noodles or did half half! If doing noodles, don’t cook the whole way through before baking.

I adapted this a while ago from like 10 recipes so I’m not sure who to credit, but probably BA and others!