Egg Coffee edit

Similar to the Vietnamese Coffee recipe in process, but tastes more like a hot Affogato. I saw the recipe online and have edited it to not invole a raw egg. Interesting enough to try once, and perhaps a slightly less-gross alternative to “ghee coffee”.



  1. Follow pretty much the same steps as with a standard Vietnamese coffee, except don’t put the condensed milk into your mug yet
  2. Fry 2 eggs sunny-side-up — Look. I’m not putting a raw egg into my coffee. I know I eat raw eggs in cookie dough but that’s different. It just is. If you feel differently, feel free to use just one raw egg yolk.
  3. Once the eggs are as lightly cooked as you would be willing to eat, over a small mixing bowl or cup, cut the yolks with a knife and let drain
  4. Eat the remaining fried eggs
  5. Add the condensed milk into the bowl and beat until the colour is lighter and the texture is uniformly thick
  6. Pour the egg-milk-mixture into the coffee, stir