Coffee Liqueur edit

Turns out this is way cheaper than Kahlua as long as you make it as sweet as Kahlua.



  1. Grid the coffee super coarsly, or use a mortar and pestle if you have one
  2. Add the grounds into a sterilized mason jar, along with the cocoa nibs (also crushed), and whole cinnamon stick
  3. Pour in the rum (I used Lamb’s Navy 75.5% alc. dark rum)
  4. Secure the lid and shake well
  5. Store in a dark location for 48 hours (shaking again halfway through)
  6. If you’re feeling fancy you can crack it open at the 24-hour mark and add in a slice of orange peel, but I found it not worth
  7. After it has “brewed”, pour out the jar into a double-filtered hario, you can use a metal sieve too to get out the heavy bits
  8. Add a splash of vanilla extract
  9. Prepare a 1:1 simple syrup (volumetrically 1-to-1, so 255ml of water to 200g of sugar)
  10. Add the simple syrup to the liqueur to taste. I wrote down “150” but I can’t remember if I did 150g of syrup or 150ml. If you’re looking to get it to taste like Kahlua, you’ll need to put in a lot (it’ll need to be like 60% simple syrup)


I originally made the recipe from Glen & Friends, but I think this edit is better. It should make anywhere from a beer bottle’s worth to a wine bottle’s worth depending on how much simple syrup you end up using.